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To:        All Fire Fighter Pension Fund Members
From:    Bill Stefka, Administrator
Date:     August 15, 2011
Re:        Pension Bill/Benevolent Fund Update

Dear Pension Fund Members:

During this calendar year we have lost the following firefighters or widows:

Name Date Deceased Benevolent Fund? Spouse/Or Survivor?
Earl Watson 1/25/11 Yes No
William L. Gray3/22/11YesRebecca
Steve R. Titsworth 6/27/11NoSusan
Florence Verda Adams
(Widow of Cy Adams)
Dorothy M. Banner
(Widow of Woodrow Banner)

Please contact Eric Pederson with the benevolent fund at 922-4332 with any questions you have regarding payments to the benevolent fund.

Our pension bill (SB1286) was passed in the recent legislative session! A big THANK YOU goes out to Senator Kirk Watson and Representative Eddie Rodriguez in helping us get this done! We also want to thank our Austin professional firefighters association and our Austin retired firefighters association (ARFFA) as well as the City of Austin for their efforts and letters of support in this endeavor! This bill codifies the additional 4% in contributions from the City of Austin (in 1% increments over the next 4 years) and the additional 3% in contributions by the firefighters (in % increments over the next 6 years) as part of our governing statute which we have operated under for the past 70 years since 1941. This will now strengthen our fund and help maintain a sound pension plan for our firefighters and their beneficiaries going forward.

It was good to see many of you at the Retiree BBQ & Banquet in May! We have attached a separate letter about the upcoming pension board trustee nomination and election process which begins next month (nominations begin in September, with elections taking place in November).

The 2010 annual report will be distributed to the membership later this year. Anyone interested in receiving their copy via e-mail instead of receiving a hard copy sent through USPS may do so by notifying the pension staff at

If you have any questions, please contact our office.


William E. Stefka