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Dear Benevolent Fund Members,

We have lost 5 Benevolent Fund members since January 2003. They are Brothers Floyd Bates, Hollis Harrell, Alton Nichols, David Peppler and J.R.(Fuzzy) Herrell. Retired Chief Curtis Schwarzlose also passed away, but was not a member of the Benevolent Fund. For those of you who have already sent me a check for Curtis Schwarzlose, I will credit you for the payment.

In the past I have asked that if you are not sure if you are current, you can call me or send me a self addressed STAMPED envelope and I will let you know. The Benevolent Fund does not have an operating budget, so I am not able to make long distance calls or to do a mail out to everyone who is behind. I realize I am not the easiest person in the world to catch at home, so I would suggest that the self addressed envelope would be the surest way to get a response from me. If you are not long distance, leave me a phone message and I will call you. Also, some of you have asked if I can send you a receipt when I get your check. Sorry, but as I mentioned earlier we don't have an operating budget. It would cost over a hundred dollars to send receipts out every time we had a death. We have had a few mistakes where someone didn't get credit for a payment, but to this date we have worked them all out.

For the newer retirees, I would like to remind you that I only collect BF contributions from retirees now. I no longer go to the stations to collect. The other three trustees do that. The quickest way for you to get credit for a payment is to pay me. I ask that ALL retirees pay me directly at the address listed below, or pay Harold Lundgren at the retirees breakfast at Owen's restaurant the 2nd Wednesday of each month. PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO AUSTIN FIREFIGHTERS BENEVOLENT FUND.(NOT TO GARY POUNDS)

If you have had a beneficiary change, you need to fill out a new blue beneficiary card. Send me a STAMPED self addressed envelope and I will send you one to fill out. Call me if you have any questions, complaints, suggestions or whatever. I am always glad to hear from you. Be sure and thank Bill Stefka and Linda Adney at the pension office next time you talk to them. They have been a big help in helping me distribute Benevolent Fund information to retirees. The other BF trustees are Eric Mackey(Dispatch),Becky Brooks(Sta.18C) and Eric Pederson(Sta.20A).

Gary Pounds
Ph. 288-0591
Mail checks to:
Gary Pounds/Fire Sta.20
6601 Manchaca Rd.
Austin, Tx 78745